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We are a Community based off of the up coming Star Wars Game SW: TOR
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There are alot of changes going on so please don't be surprised if you see them....Have any questions about them contact a Council member.
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 Power Leveling 7/2/10

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PostSubject: Power Leveling 7/2/10   Thu Jul 01, 2010 4:48 pm

Power leveling will be taking place this friday 7/2/10 before our annnual harvest festival. I would like kick off to be around 3:00 PM GMT as that is when a better time for me as I will have to log off after harvest festival. Power leveling will be taking place at TrumBull or Kingman depending on where ppl are located in Sector1. I would like ppl to please respond in this thead telling me if they plan to attend, and also their availablity. Thank You all and I like foward to hearing for you soon. afro
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Power Leveling 7/2/10
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