Revan's Fist

Revan's Fist

We are a Community based off of the up coming Star Wars Game SW: TOR
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There are alot of changes going on so please don't be surprised if you see them....Have any questions about them contact a Council member.
We have reorganized to Tri-Corp.  Please Visit Our Website @ Come and join us!

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PostSubject: ALL NEW RECRUITS READ THIS   Tue Jun 29, 2010 7:22 pm

First of all i would like to welcome all new recruits to RevansFist and as your first duty should be to think about where you would like to end basically your future in the Fist like what company would you like to join. who who would like to serve under. Take a look at all the squads see where you fit and then let me know and I'll get you posted there right away. Above all this guild is to have fun and we on the Command Staff will do everything in that regard to make sure your gaming experience is as fun as possible.
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