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We are a Community based off of the up coming Star Wars Game SW: TOR
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There are alot of changes going on so please don't be surprised if you see them....Have any questions about them contact a Council member.
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 My Absence

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PostSubject: My Absence   Sat Jun 05, 2010 1:56 pm

I apologize for the days that I havent been on, it has been a very trying week, with everything that is on my plate, at the end of the day i just dont feel like playing (which should change with in the next month), please do not take my absence as me not wanting to be online with you fine Lady and Gentlemen, I just have too much going on personally at the moment for me to concentrate on everything. On that note, i will log on as much as possible (when i have the gumption to.. LOL), Until things slow down on my end, the council has the lead Temporarily until i return to full active duty.


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My Absence
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