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 Ribbons Guide

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PostSubject: Ribbons Guide   Thu Apr 15, 2010 10:38 pm

Here is a comprehensive list of the ribbons you can earn as a member of Revan's Fist, and how to earn them.

Emperor's Will
Awarded to founding members of Revan's Fist.

Medal of the Emperor's Hand
Awarded for excellence in a non-combat situation, such as inter-guild diplomacy.

Heart of the Martyr
Awarded for personal sacrafice for the sake of one's squad or the completion of one's mission.

Imperial Ribbon of Service
Awarded for every two-month tour of duty (which does not coincide with a six-month mark) completed by an officer.

Humanitarian Service Ribbon
Awarded for furthering the humanitarian goals of the Sith Empire.

Imperial Medal of Valor
Awarded for heroism in combat engagements.

Imperial Army Defense Ribbon
Awarded to an officer who has sucessfully defended an Imperial system from invasion.

Joint Service Commendation
Awarded for superb service while working jointly with another branch of the Empire.

Battle Excellence Ribbon
Awarded to the soldiers of a squad who have performed exceedingly well over the timeframe of a month.

Leadership Excellence Ribbon
Awarded to officers whose subordinates have performed exceedingly well over the timeframe of a month.

Imperial Army Commendation
Awarded to officers whose service has been noted as exemplary the Regiment CO or XO.

Combat Readiness Ribbon
Awarded to officers who have kept in an exemplary state of combat readiness.

Campaign Ribbon (Mon Calamari)
Awarded for service in a specific campaign. (This is an example, using the Mon Calamari campaign).


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Ribbons Guide
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